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About me.

My name is Casey Franchini, founder of Brick by Brick Wealth. I am a real estate investor, mom of three young children and wife to an amazingly hard worker.

Real estate has been my passion for over 20 years. My love for houses evolved into obtaining my California Real Estate Broker License in my mid-20’s, selling houses for the wealthy and finding killer investment deals for SoCal flippers and property investors.

Moving to Memphis allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom. My kids are my life and I knew I could give them more- real estate investing was the key!


I help every day people create passive income and generational wealth through rental property investments.

With minimal time and some saved money, I knew I could build our future for short term and long term financial gain.

Anyone can invest in real estate and Brick by Brick Wealth is here to help you with the tools, advice and the right information to be successful the first time, create passive income through real estate quickly and build generational wealth one brick at a time.

Move the needle in your life.

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