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I guide aspiring investors to SUCCESS with their very first rental property.

Being susscessful with your first rental property is easier than ever before when you can lean on the help of experienced investors who have been where you want to go. 

Whether you’re ready to join an action-based program to get your first rental property in the next few months, or you are still in the saving phase and are just looking to learn, you will find everyting you need to get started below! 

SWRP Coaching Program
Success With Rental Properties

If you have $30-$50k+ available for a downpayment on your first rental property and a credit score of 680 or above, you may be a good candidate for my coaching program Success With Rental Properties (SWRP).

What is SWRP About?

SWRP is a coaching program designed to get you your first rental property in a few short months. 

Whether you’re looking to buy a rental property nextdoor, or across the country out-of-state, this program teaches you everything you need to know and provides you with all the tools you need to succeed. The course guides you through the process one step at a time until you get first rent check!

We have students buying rental properties anywhere from $65,000 to $200,000 and cash-flowing a minimum of $300 per month to well over $2,400 per month. No matter your experience, you can have your first successful rental property in a matter of months.

No more analysis paralysis or being worried about buying bad deals. I am here to help you and hold you hand the whole way through.


Protect your downpayment investment by getting the help you need to be successful the first time with your rental property investment.

SWRP In a Nut Shell

SWRP is a handholding program designed to guide you through the process of acquiring your frist rental property from begining to end. We cover everything below and more. Click the button below if you would like to learn more.

☑️ Financing Options
☑️ Rental Property Analyzation
☑️ Accurate Target Market Research
☑️ Rehab Cost and Estimates
☑️ Working with Contractors Out-of-State
☑️ Learning to Scale

☑️ Building a Team
☑️ Negotiating For The Best Deal
☑️ Offer Strategy
☑️ Choosing the Best Property Manager
☑️ Learning to Landlord Responsibly
☑️ Organizing Your New Rental Property Business  

See What Students Are Saying!

These are just a few of my student testimonials in no particular order. There are a ton more in the link below to my results page, check them out for yourself!

Discover Your REI Path Course


Interested in investing in real estate but not sure which strategy is right for you? Cut throught the noise and learn all the pros and cons, income requirements, time commitments, risk level and learn how to get started with one of several options for real estate investing.

When you join the Discover Your REI Path course you will learn the difference between these popular investment strategies to determine which is the right path for you: 

☑️Long term rentals
☑️Short term rentals
☑️Mid term rentals
☑️Rental arbitrage
☑️Syndications & more

Buying safe and secure investments that cashflow and appreciate is the goal.

Average americans work hard for our savings, we can’t take the risk of losing our downpayment on a bad investment. As a mother of 3 children I have to make sure I don’t put our family in financial risk. Laying a strong foundation with your first rental property is paramount to you future success as a real estat investor. 

Not ready to commit to a course or program but looking to learn?

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7 Secrets to making money with your first rental property​

I make a full-time second income from passive income with rental properties, and I spend my time how I want with my family. My life is my own and you can have your life back too, by investing in rental properties!

43 questions to ask your lender

Lenders can leave out a lot of information if you don’t ask the right questions and I don’t want you left holding the bag with surprise fees or terms you didn’t know you agreed to. Yikes! Print out this lender interview questions guide and you’ll be ready to go with a fill-in-the-blank template to ask all the RIGHT questions.

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