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First Rental Property!

So you watched the video and think SWRP is right for you?

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Hear from other students about their experience in the program!

Julian R.

Julian lives in Los Angeles and bought his first rental in Ohio. His duplex cashflows $900/mo after fixed expenses and $15k under asking!

Jen C.

Jen just bought her first out-of-state rental property in Georgia. She had never been there before, and now she has a successful rental property. I helped her get a HELOC to buy the property all cash. She has a fixed rate on her HELOC and used literally NONE of her own cash for this purchase. After a few upgrades to the house using her HELOC, she now has a cash-flowing tenant who pays $1500 per month!”

Lisa G.

Lisa lives in New Jersey and was on maternity leave with her newborn when she joined SWRP. She bought her first out-of-state rental in Alabama and is cashflowing $345 per month! She is completely hands off with a property management team in place and enjoying her life as a new mom.

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Khalil B.

Khalil lives in Newport Beach, CA with his wife Sarah. They bought their first rental property in Ohio. His offer was accepted at $10,000 below asking and an additional $10,000 off during the inspection period! Khalil now cash-flows $480 per month and is looking to scale for his next deal!

Aimee M.​

Aimee lives in North Orange County, CA and is a massage therapist. She purchased her first out-of-state rental in Indiana. She purchased her house for $75,000 and cashflows $600 per month and is on her way to financial freedom!

I win when you win, LET'S WIN!

Keep watching, this could be you!

Dominique H.​

Dominique lives in Texas and bought her first out-ofstate rental in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Her property needed light cosmetic touch-ups She used her HELOC to finance the down payment at 6.125% interest rate and is collecting $1500/mo in rent! Success!

Ann C.

Ann & Mark bought their first rental property in Broken Arrow, OK with an off market deal from a wholesaler. The property appraised for $75k MORE than their purchase price so they got a massive instant equity boost! A-Class neighborhood and $18k in annual rental income!

Natasha & Fred

Natasha & Fred house hacked a duplex in New Jersey! After living in it for one year they moved out and receive a cashflow of $2,439 per MONTH! Wowzers!

Khomotjo M.

Khomotjo is an ICU nurse and lives in New Jersey and bought their first duplex in New York. When they joined the program, they were already in contract on a property where the landlord was filing eviction! Yikes! We got them out of that and into a cash-flowing duplex bringing in $957/mo in positive cashflow!

We Keep Winning!

Watch more success stories!

Jared H.​

Jared lives in Fresno, CA and joined SWRP while house hacking. SWRP helped him buy his first out-of-state rental in Indianapolis, IN. He saved over $5000 on rehab by flying out and completing repairs with his dad. Jared now has an amazing tenant in place and receives $3600 a year in passive rental income.

Roger P.​

Roger is from Northern California and bought 2 out-of-state rental properties in Alabama that closed in the same day. He used seller financing and subject-to creative financing to get his deals. He quit his day job and is now pursuing his passions full time. 

Joe P.​

Joe lives in Denver and bought his first rental property in Missouri. Joe got his offer accepted below asking and with seller credits! $450 per month in positive cashflow will help Joe save for his next rental!

Every Winning Team Needs A Coach!

Chris T.

In just a few months, Chris had House #1 renting for $1,550/mo in TN and purchased House #2 in MS as a house hack and is receiving an extra $850/mo in rental income!

Sandra R.​

Sandra is a single mom living in Northern California. She bought her first successful rental property Out of State in Alabama and was cash-flowing in 3 months!

Sami N.​

Sami is an epidemiologist in Los Angeles, CA. In one of the most challenging markets in our recent history. Sami was able to obtain a high-end single family house in a prestigious Los Angeles neighborhood with an FHA loan and won against multiple offers. This home will be a jump start to her investing strategy!

Melissa & Ferdy​

Melissa & Ferdy live in California and bought their 1st single-family rental in Alabama!

They are cash-flowing $534 per month!

Kyle & Sofia bought 2 out-of-state rental properties in North Carolina at the same time. That’s correct, they bought 2 OOS rentals at the same time and now they are looking for more!

Stay motivated!

You could be next!

Carl C.​

“I attribute my real estate success to you.” -Carl C.

Carl is now cash-flowing with two rental properties in Houston, TX and has since gotten his real estate license!

Rachel & Patrick​

Rachael & Patrick bought two properties in St. Petersburg, FL while living in Boston. They turned one into a short term rental and moved into the other!

They received their 1st booking within 2 days of going live for $4,000!

Debby L.

Debby bought an out of state duplex within 6 weeks of the program, and has since bought a 4-plex and is now working on commercial deals!

Fred J.​

Fred bought his property with seller financing in Utah. He did a complete renovation down to the studs, and is now in the process of doing a cash-out-refinance! BRRRR method!​

Maryann N.​

Maryann got her first out of state rental property in Kansas! $900 per month rental income with $95k purchase price! She is now looking for #2!

Kasey L.​

Kasey lives in Denver and bought his first out-of-state rental property in Alabama! He bought a total of 4 rentals in 5 months with an annual Rental Income of $69,000!

I love working with winners!

There are plenty more!

Angelina C.​

Angelina rents her home in the Bay area in California with husband and 2 small kids and they bought their 1st ever property (a rental property!) in Indiana.

Angelina receives $1,800 per month in rental income!

Adam S.​

Adam & Sarah live in Raleigh, NC and bought their first out-of-state long term rental in Alabama!

They used HELOC funds as a down payment and are bringing in $1,075/mo in rental income. They want 2 more next year!

Kyle & Sofia​

Kyle & Sofia bought 2 out-of-state rental properties in North Carolina at the same time. That’s correct, they bought 2 OOS rentals at the same time and now they are looking for more!

Cameron B.​

Cameron is collecting $1,100 per month from his tenant! And has since purchased a second rental property cash-flowing $480 per month with Cash-on-Cash Return at 20%

Dominique V.​

Dom is pitching private lenders for his college house hack!

Jim & Kristen​

Jim & Kristen are making the future they’ve always dreamed of!

Frank C.​

Frank, a general contractor, has been able to scale his real estate investment portfolio with the knowledge gained from this program. In just the past year, he has purchased 5 properties and is now generating significant passive income streams.

Deborah L.​

Deborah has an OOS rental in Alabama and closing on another in Florida!

Antonio C.

Antonio bought a duplex in Alaska and is now living in Arizona!

Derek M.

Derek will be house hacking a single family home and collecting $1500 per month in rent!

There is nothing holding you back from success.
You can do it too!

These are ordinary people like you and I who share the same dream of achieving financial freedom through Real Estate.


You make time for the things you want. Change takes dedication and we will meet as often as you need to get the results you are looking for. Typically my students meet with me once a week for several weeks and then it is less frequent, depending on your stage of the process.

I have had an Oil Rigger complete this program with success and he worked 16-hour shifts for 3 weeks in a row with no days off. We met when he was filthy dirty and dead tired after a long shift. 

So, it’s up to you how bad you want this.  You can find the time. Make this a priority and your life will change. There is some homework and things to accomplish after we meet, but nothing that anyone has had trouble doing. You can do it with any busy schedule if you put your mind to it.

Nope! I will teach you how to analyze rental markets across the country to find a perfect location for you to invest in and start generating cash flow.

Great question! My students have successfully gotten money for their down payment from cash savings, stock brokerage accounts, borrowing from their 401K and getting a HELOC and borrowing from that. As long as you know you have down payment funds somewhere, I can help you access it during the program. 

Absolutely! As long as you know you have equity, I will help you through the process of acquiring it. You won’t be making offers right away in the program as we still need to do market research and build a team. So, there is time to go through the HELOC process while in the program.

You do need some cash savings on hand for your down payment, transaction fees and rehab costs, but not nearly as much as you think! I will teach you how to work with lenders but you will need some money on hand to start. In today’s economy, I require students to have $30,000 – $50,000  available to join the program and a credit score of 680 to join. This is because you will likely be looking at properties under $200k and you will need money for a down payment to buy one. 

Nope! Once your property is generating passive income and appreciating over time, this course will pay for itself with positive cash flow.

If you have been burned before, we’re so sorry that happened! But this isn’t the course that’ll burn you, and you’ll have to move on from that if you want to make things happen! Just see for yourself and watch the testimonials from my students’ success! And, get on a call with me and let’s talk it out! 

Of course. My biggest pet peeve with other programs is when you don’t even get to talk to the so-called “expert”. You’ll get access to me and you’ll be coached by me. You won’t be pawned off to random coaches once you join. You get access to me!

Buying a home is something anyone can do, but doing the right market research, rehabbing for rent, landlording, tenant selection, and hiring a good property manager to take care of your asset are things you don’t want to mess around with without experience. You have to learn by doing and it can be costly! Sometimes it is best to learn from others’ mistakes and borrow an expert’s opinion so you can be ahead of the game.

Nope! Even though my husband, Blake, and I rehab our houses literally ourselves, you don’t have to. But through my extensive rehab knowledge, I will teach you everything you need to know about rehabbing properties without ever needing to set foot in the home.

I offer different program options depending on your needs. Most times, we can put together program options that will give you the results you desire and work within your budget!