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Your call has been scheduled and I I look forward to speaking with you during your scheduled appointment time!

In an effort to maximize our time together please be in an environment that is free from distractions so we can give our undivided attention to one another. I cannot take calls when you are on the go, in the car or unable to talk freely without interruptions. Please be on a computer with a webcam as you will be meeting with me over Zoom. I take your success very seriously and this call will help me determine if this program is a good fit for your goals and expectations.

As a courtesy to both you and I, please have your significant other present during the call as they are an important part of the decision-making process.

This is an action program designed to purchase your first rental property in just a few months! If you can not commit to starting the process of getting your first rental property now please do not book a call until you are ready as spots are limited. 

 Additionally, please be prepared with any questions you may have so we can work together to determine if this program is a good fit for you. The video below explains the program in detail and what you will learn. I am excited to learn more about you and your goals during our meeting and am looking forward to helping you on this journey to purchasing your first rental property!

Please watch the video below prior to the call and I look forward to meeting with you!

Successful Real Estate Investing Starts Here!​​

Below are testimonials from REAL people just like you! These aren’t people with tons of experience, they are regular people who are looking to make safe investment decisions and passive income from rental properties. They had the courage to take action and join me in this program. Everyone has been reaching their goals and I am so proud of them!

Christine L.

Christine lives in CA and bought her first rental in OH! Christine completed a mid-size renovation from across the country! Even with some bumps and hurdles she made it to the finish line! $1541/mo rental income with her 1st check coming in the mail this week!

Leah C.

Leah lives in Washington and bought her 1st out-of-state duplex in Ohio! Her property came with amazing tenants giving her positive cashflow on Day 1! With a total of $42k out of pocket to be all in, a 7% interest rate and no repairs needed, she is on cloud 9! Leah has already closed on her second duplex totaling 4 units!

Lisa B.

Lisa bought her first OOS rental in Milwaukee, WI! Rent-ready and top-notch when she bought it, it needed zero rehab. Rented for $100 more/mo than asking in less than 2 weeks! All done during her wedding & honeymoon!

Kate S.

Kate lives in California and bought her first 3 rental properties all the way in Alabama! She used her HELOC to fund her down payments and has done some major renovations to get that added equity! See, even with an 8.125% you can still cashflow!

Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth lives in South Carolina and bought her first property in Indiana. Even with an interest rate of 7.125% she has a gross cashflow of $632 per moth!

Lauren M.

Lauren lives in New York and purchased her first rental all the way in Oklahoma! Her property is in an amazing B-Class neighborhood and she converted an extra living room into a 4th bedroom for instant equity and extra cashflow!

Jasmine & Israel D.

Jasmine lives in California and picked up her first property in Memphis, Tennessee. She received 2% credits from the seller with a gross cashflow $689 a month on a $125,000 house!

I win when you win, LET'S WIN!

Keep watching, this could be you!

Jeff & Patrice B.

Jeff & Patrice live in New Jersey and bought their first out of state rental in Ohio for $61,000! Even with 8.125% interest rate they are able to bring in a gross cashflow of $400 per month. They received 2% seller credits and got the sellers to agree to thousands of dollars in repairs in addition to a new roof! They are already looking for their 2nd property!

William & Ambar K.

William & Ambar live in California and bought their first multi family triplex in Ohio! From the seller credits they received they were able to buy down their interest rate to 5.99%. They are getting amazing cashflow at over $1000 per month! They plan to cash-out refinance and use those funds on another multi family property soon.

Julian R.

Julian lives in Los Angeles and bought his first rental in Ohio. His duplex cashflows $900/mo after fixed expenses and $15k under asking!

Jen C.

Jen just bought her first out-of-state rental property in Georgia. She had never been there before, and now she has a successful rental property. I helped her get a HELOC to buy the property all cash. She has a fixed rate on her HELOC and used literally NONE of her own cash for this purchase. After a few upgrades to the house using her HELOC, she now has a cash-flowing tenant who pays $1500 per month!"

Real Results From Real Students Just Like You!

See what they are saying!

Lisa G.

Lisa lives in New Jersey and was on maternity leave with her newborn when she joined SWRP. She bought her first out-of-state rental in Alabama and is cashflowing $345 per month! She is completely hands off with a property management team in place and enjoying her life as a new mom.

Khalil B.

Khalil lives in Newport Beach, CA with his wife Sarah. They bought their first rental property in Ohio. His offer was accepted at $10,000 below asking and an additional $10,000 off during the inspection period! Khalil now cash-flows $480 per month and is looking to scale for his next deal!

We Keep Winning!

Watch more success stories!

Aimee M.​

Aimee lives in North Orange County, CA and is a massage therapist. She purchased her first out-of-state rental in Indiana. She purchased her house for $75,000 and cashflows $600 per month and is on her way to financial freedom!

Dominique H.​

Dominique lives in Texas and bought her first out-ofstate rental in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Her property needed light cosmetic touch-ups She used her HELOC to finance the down payment at 6.125% interest rate and is collecting $1500/mo in rent! Success!

Ann C.

Ann & Mark bought their first rental property in Broken Arrow, OK with an off market deal from a wholesaler. The property appraised for $75k MORE than their purchase price so they got a massive instant equity boost! A-Class neighborhood and $18k in annual rental income!

Every Winning Team Needs A Coach!

Natasha & Fred

Natasha & Fred house hacked a duplex in New Jersey! After living in it for one year they moved out and receive a cashflow of $2,439 per MONTH! Wowzers!

Khomotjo M.

Khomotjo is an ICU nurse and lives in New Jersey and bought their first duplex in New York. When they joined the program, they were already in contract on a property where the landlord was filing eviction! Yikes! We got them out of that and into a cash-flowing duplex bringing in $957/mo in positive cashflow!

Jared H.​

Jared lives in Fresno, CA and joined SWRP while house hacking. SWRP helped him buy his first out-of-state rental in Indianapolis, IN. He saved over $5000 on rehab by flying out and completing repairs with his dad. Jared now has an amazing tenant in place and receives $3600 a year in passive rental income.

Roger P.​

Roger is from Northern California and bought 2 out-of-state rental properties in Alabama that closed in the same day. He used seller financing and subject-to creative financing to get his deals. He quit his day job and is now pursuing his passions full time.

Stay motivated!

You could be next!

Joe P.​

Joe lives in Denver and bought his first rental property in Missouri. Joe got his offer accepted below asking and with seller credits! $450 per month in positive cashflow will help Joe save for his next rental!

Kasey L.

Kasey lives in Denver and bought his first out-of-state rental property in Alabama! He bought a total of 3 rentals in 2 months with an annual Rental Income of $51,000!

Melissa & Ferdy G.

Melissa & Ferdy live in California and bought their 1st rental property in Alabama!

They are cashflowing $534 per month!

Maryann N.

Maryann got her first out of state rental property in Kansas! $900 per month rental income with $95k purchase price! She is looking for #2 ​

Hopefully You're Inspired!

I love working with new clients and helping them make their dreams of freedom and passive income come true, so let’s talk!​

I love working with people who want to succeed!

There are plenty more!

Angelina C.

Angelina lives in the Bay area in California and bought their 1st rental property in Indiana! They receive $1,800 per month in rental income!

Rachel & Patrick

Rachael & Patrick bought two properties in St. Petersburg, FL while living in Boston. They turned one into a short term rental and moved into the other! They received their 1st booking within 2 days of going live for $4,000!

Chris T.

In just a few months, Chris has House #1 renting for $1,550/mo in Tennessee and purchased House #2 in Mississippi as a house hack and is receiving $850/mo in rental inco

Sandra R.

Sandra is a single mom living in Northern California. She bought her first successful rental property Out of State in Alabama and was cashflowing in 3 months!

Adam & Sarah S.

Adam & Sarah live in Raleigh, NC and bought their first OOS long term renal in Alabama! They used HELOC funds as a down payment and are bringing in $1,075/mo in rental income. They want 2 more next year!

Carl C.

"I attribute my real estate success to you." -Carl C. Carl is now cashflowing with two rental properties in Houston, TX and has since gotten his real estate license!

We Can Make It Happen Together!

Kyle & Sofia

Kyle & Sofia bought 2 out-of-state rental properties in North Carolina at the same time Out of State and are looking for more!

Fred J.

Fred bought his property with seller financing in Utah. He did a complete renovation down to the studs, and is now in the process of doing a cash-out-refinance! BRRRR method!

There is nothing holding you back from success.
You can do it too!

These are ordinary people like you and I who share the same dream of achieving financial freedom through Real Estate.

Debby L.

Debby bought an Out of State duplex within 6 weeks of the program, and has since bought a 4plex and now working on commercial deals!

Alvin A.

Alvin is a real estate agent in Atlanta and is working on his first BRRRR property!

Cameron B.

Cameron is collecting $1,100 per month from his tenant! And has since purchased a second rental property cashflowing $480 per month with Cash-on-Cash Return at 20%!

Dominique V.

Dom is pitching private lenders for his college house hack!

The Most Important Step Is Deciding To Start!

Jim & Kristen

Jim & Kristen are making the future they've always dreamed of!

Let's Talk Passive Income!

The only thing holding you back from success, is you. Time to make a change. Get out of analysis paralysis and get the help you need to make drastic life changes! You can be one of my Student Success Stories!​

Check out even more client success stories below!
This system works!

Listen to the many students who have taken this course and gotten their 1st rental property!

"If it wasn’t for Casey, we would still be missing out on these opportunities to create more income. Her modules help immensely in making sure you pick a worthy property. She has your back and will hold you accountable."
Kristen girl
-Kristen M.
"The lessons are amazing! The visuals you have... man, no one can touch you. Module 5 [Rehab] is my favorite thus far. It’s the best, hands down. The details are out of this world."
-Alvin A.

Deborah L.

Deborah has a OOS rental in Alabama and closing on another in Florida!

Antonio C.

Antonio bought a duplex in Alaska and is now living in Arizona!

Frank C.

Frank is a general contractor and since he joined this program has purchased 5 properties!

Derek M.

Derek will be house hacking a single family home and collecting $1500 per month in rent!


Of course! Most of my students have full-time jobs and are parents as well. My program is very flexible with your schedule in mind but you do need to make the program a priority in order to achieve the results because this is an ACTION program, not just a learning program. 

The aim of our coaching program is to streamline your journey into real estate investing. Acquiring a rental property requires effort, such as conducting research and engaging with realtors and property managers. This program simplifies these tasks, making it perfect for busy professionals and parents. You’ll save time and avoid costly mistakes by following my step-by-step guide, which includes bite-sized lessons and straightforward, actionable homework to help you make consistent progress each week. This approach significantly reduces the learning curve, enabling you to start generating cash flow more efficiently. Over the years, I’ve assisted many single parents and busy professionals in successfully acquiring their first rental property. This program is designed to help you achieve the same success, without wasting valuable time.

I am so sorry those programs didn’t work out for you. In Success with Rental Properties, I will get to know you personally as I truly am here to help you succeed. You have access to my full course, a program that took me over 1 year to create, as well as my personal attention. I want you to get that rental property and will give you all the tools, knowledge and guidance you need to succeed. It will just be up to you to apply it and do the work. I have students under contract with their first property in as little as 3 weeks into the program. You can do it!

Yes we have payment plan options and also accept credit cards.

Most definitely! Actually, most of my students are out of state investors and are doing it successfully! The entire program is designed to teach local investors as well as out-of-state investors how to safely and successfully get their first rental property all the way to cashing that first rent check 🙂

This program is designed for the newbie investor- the aspiring real estate investor who is ready to go but scared they will make the wrong decision and it will cost them dearly. If you are an accidental landlord or purchased one from a turn key company and have no idea what you are doing, this is also for you.

Honestly, I would say, no. If you are struggling financially, I don’t want you to spend your money on this right now. Take your time to work on your credit, pay off some bills, and save. When you can breathe a little easier and are ready to invest, I’ll be here for you.

I started in 2007 with my California Real Estate Broker license, finding flips and investment properties for wealthy real estate investors all across Southern California from the beach, to LA, to the Inland Empire. My husband and I started buying single family rental properties in 2016 in Memphis. After that, I started helping others also realize the dream of passive income through rental properties and I haven’t looked back! We pride ourselves on safe investments in good neighborhoods that can weather economic storms, and that is what I teach my students.

Oh my gosh, yes! Your success is my success. I absolutely LOVE my students and have formed great relationships with them beyond the coaching program. This is a full-support program so you will have access to me live and in person. I personally coach my students in this program, you will not be passed off to another coach. I want you to succeed and i will be there every step of the way!

Program and pricing options fluctuate periodically to provide the best possible value and support to our students. We will discuss current pricing and program options on our call. Please understand however that this is a one-on-one coaching program spanning several month and a lot of my time and effort is invested into each and everyone of my students,  therefore there is a financial investment required to join this program. 

Let's Get Candid

Real excerpts from real coaching sessions! I can tell you that I take a tremendous amount of pride in providing the best possible coaching experience, but it means so much more hearing it from the people who have been through the course.

Alvin A. Coaching Clips

Alvin was amazed by the detailed course information and knowledge base!

More From Deborah L.

Deborah raved about the accountability and motivation and more!